A good way or a PR pro to think of SEO is a lot like the ad equivalency measurement.

Remember, when you use to measure the columns of a story and compare it to the cost of advertising to see what essentially the value of your placement was?

Yeah, I’m not advocating for AVE’s but you see, there’s a bit of a relation when it comes to SEO for Public Relations practice.  Much like our jobs as PR people, we try to take up as much space on the page as possible.  Like PR, as SEO strategists, we try to own as much space in the search engine results to give potential visitors fewer choices.  If you index 50%-80% of the Google organic search with your web properties, then you have a much higher chance that a potential visit will click on your links.



There’s no doubt someone is probably going to land on one of my properties with this Google search.  Think of search as if you’re in a grocery store.  When you’re trying to sell a grocery product, you want to take up as much of the grocery shelf as possible.  This way, your product has maximum exposure for potential customers.   Same goes with SEO, the more we can give to Google to take up more of the “shelf”, the better will do with inbound search terms.