Forbes Magazine contributor Ken Krogue recently proclaimed the Death of SEO and the rise of content creation through traditional marketing channels such as public relations, social and “real content”. While Mr. Krogue statement, in some ways, is ultimatly true – the way we practice SEO will change in the future.

Although Mr. Krogue, this is barely a breakthrough.

Since the practice of SEO changes so frequently, calling it’s death is rather premature. With content creation taking the front stage, I would call it the “rebirth” of SEO focusing more on optimizing unique content rather than building link wheels.

In a post on our partner blog, SEO for Public Relations, we shared a video from the head of Google’s Web Spam Team, Matt Cuts, regarding a question if SEO is Spam.

Mr. Cutts answers: [paraphrase]-

Search Engine Optimization isn’t always all about trying to get your site indexed better in search but rather optimizing your content so search engines can crawl your content better. Thus leading towards a better indexed web content.

[Video Link]

From Part II of Mr. Krogues now “series” on the “Death of SEO; rise of Content Creation” the author reflects on the criticism brought forth in the comments to his initial post,

“Copy writers and marketers agreed with me and cheered. SEO ‘gurus’ made me tighten up my semantics.”

From a copywriter stand point, this isn’t something I would cheer nor would I decry because, as copy creators, there will always be the need to create “optimized content”. Ultimately, we’re creating quality content optimized for humans – or HEO – Human Optimized Content. The search engine, while still very important, is the connector. – Scott