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Not sure how we came to this conversation but my friend Brian noted he also comes up with some of his best ideas in the shower.  I was sort of happy to realize that I’m not alone when it comes to eureka moments when the hot water flows. I’m also pretty certain my wife is tired of hearing:

I just had an amazing idea while in the shower!

There is something about the warm water that seems to relax the ventral cortex enough to provide a moment of precise planning and enlightenment.  My unscientific guess would lend towards that fact you’re in a distraction free environment thus the body and brain relax enough to bring the great ideas to the forefront.

Nice post here on the technical aspect of why we have the best ideas in the shower.

Now that you have a very good idea, run it trough the dryer:

What is important are the steps after the shower, the actions on your idea.

First things first, I recommend writing down the core idea immediately.   I’m seriously considering investing in some waterproof notes!

Then, examine your idea from multiple angles and decide is it really a good idea or simply a pipe dream. After mapping the central points with a mind map program (May I recommend MindMeister), be sure to answer the following questions:  

  • What problem will this idea solve?
  • Is it a product or service I would use or find value?
  • Realistically, how probable is it something I can execute?
  • What type of team would I need?
  • Does it make sense to stop what I’m working on now or is this an idea that can wait until my current project is “successful”.  

If you answered yes to at least a few of the above, then revisit this idea again in a day or two. It is important to not derail your current projects with fly by night ideas as this can be a massive productivity killer. I’ve had some really superb ideas that, after a few days and conversations with friends, I realize they maybe not be as awesome as originally planned.

It’s also important to decide if this project has the potential to scale larger than your current project and other ideas.  I may have an idea for a new blog, but this will this blog consume a lot of my spare time and will it provide a larger long-term payout or outcome over my current ideas and projects.

The point of this post is to find time to relax your brain.

Clearing your mind can decrease stress, increase focus, positive thinking and allow for time to evaluate your current direction as an entrepreneur.