To my surprise and honor, I was very happy to notice that my main website,, is currently featured on the homepage of in the Sites Made With Headway section.

Headway Themes – Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builder

Bottom, middle.

Years ago, I started using Headway Themes on a recommendation from another WordPress developer.  The learning curve was a bit of a challenge at the time, daunting starting with essentially a blank white canvas.  The framework, at the time, was also in its infancy.

Today, Headway has become very powerful and about to release a new 4.0 version that will completely revolutionize “Drag-and-Drop” WordPress Themes.  I hate using the drag-and-drop term because that can imply working with Headway is easy. I like to refer Headway as the Dreamweaver of WordPress Themes. It can be easy to use but expect time for practice and training…  Maybe this will change in 4.0.

I’m very happy I stuck with it as I have created some powerful websites for clients and myself in a lean and efficient manner.

Many thanks to the Griffiths for their idea, time, and commitment to the Headway Project.

Probably the best part of Headway isn’t the software; it’s the community of users that surround it. The Headway community on Slack and across the web is my favorite place to hang online, and I’m very grateful to the stalwarts such as courtneyengle, jme, Corey Freeman, superhans and Nomad411 and others whom I may have forget to list but many thanks to you.