Full Moon over Chicago, maybe the reason for my crazy good idea.

It’s a pretty normal Saturday. My wife is working and I’m at home working on client projects and a few of my own.

Whamo! Out of the blue, I had an amazing idea that I think is good enough to stop what I’m working on to pursue this new idea.  (Details to come) Why did I just get this idea today? Maybe because it is a full moon…

Forward thinking, I need to also write down my environment when I get amazing ideas. I already know the shower can be a hot spot. By identifying where the good ideas pour in, might help me find a “good place” for productivity.

Now, back to my new idea.

Ran the good idea test, this one passed with flying colors.  My wife also agreed, worth acting upon (She was home for lunch).

Few reasons why I want to act:

  • It’s something I can develop pretty much in house
  • There’s an easy client segment identification, which I have experience as a prospective buyer of this new service.
  • Passes a few of the lean tests I learned about this week.
  • I hopefully can get some press from blogs that will help with visibility
  • It’s in a space that I have some credibility
  • Would be easy to create content for this “startup”

Bottom line, I hypothesize that I can acquire users make money easily, provide a service of value and with little overhead.

Just read a great blog post from Seth Godin this morning on How to talk about your startup. Great points.