I’m really excited to launch a brand new WordPress resource that I hope provides value to the community! 

Hello WordMentor!  BETA

Learning a new skill can be daunting enough on its own.  Finding someone to help you shouldn’t be!

WordMentor.com is a simple way to find local WordPress trainers, blogging coaches and SEO mentors so you can take the stress out of getting help and learn in person.

A recent survey concluded that 85% of respondents actually preferred to interact in person over digital interaction.

Online tutorials can be helpful but what if what you learned is not even what you need? Local coaches can navigate students down the best course of action based on their learning needs.

WordMentor.com connects students with exactly who they need. Best of all, it’s free for students to find teachers.  Get started by simply searching your location and then browse profiles of local experts. Learn everything from getting started to honing advanced implementations. Contact the teacher directly when you’re ready!   Simple.

Get started today at WordMentor.com.

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