In 1996, I was just a kid in middle school with taking a “computer” class with Mr. Garofalo. It was held in a very warm computer lab which was attached to the school’s library.  That classroom was equipped with Apple 2e computers where we learned how to load a floppy disk with command lines and create a database.  I can still recall the noise the drive made on read/write.

The computers in the lab were already out of date as in the actual library, they had the latest PC computers running Windows 3.1 with hard disk drives, a mouse and a program called Netscape.  At home, I was fortunate to have an Apple Classic and then later a “Pentium” PC with dialup internet on Avenue.

I’m sure one of the first websites that I browsed to had to of been the Chicago Tribune because news was one of the first and only things to consume on the interwebs.

Pretty amazing to me the Chicago Tribune is celebrating 20-years of its flagship website. …And still manage to be in business after all the years of “print news is dead”.

Twenty years ago today, the Chicago Tribune first made its presence known on the World Wide Web.

Source: 20 stories for 20 years: Chicago Tribune celebrates two decades online – Chicago Tribune