I field a lot of questions about search engine optimization aka SEO.  Everyone is looking to get better search results in Google and is willing to do whatever it takes to do it.  I will say there are things one can do to optimize their website to assist search engines to better index content.

Unfortunately, unless you’re looking to build an authoritative blog, SEO is almost impossible. Especially if you’re just getting into the game today.

When I mention Adwords, Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising platform, I either get the death stare or some excuse about how it’s so complicated or expensive.

Google AdWords can provide a relatively low-cost entry into learning how search works and will generate feedback into how to optimize your website while also providing a looking glass into what search terms are even worth the time.  Not to mention, you’re advertising to searchers who are potentially looking to secure your products and services.

Don’t be afraid of Adwords, set a small learning budget and start poking around.  Believe me, the education you will receive is a tremendous value and the clients you might reach are the bonus.

Let me know if you want to chat about Adwords.  I always love to share my techniques.