Online video is here to say and if you think about why it makes perfect sense.

Smartphones and mobile broadband paved the way for live streaming of almost anything, anywhere. In fact, I should stop writing this and whip out my phone to record my thoughts with Facebook Live. The video post will likely reach 10x more users over this written post.

And it makes perfect makes sense.

Wouldn’t you rather listen to me as if we were having a conversation then take the time to read?  I love writing, and I think it’s safe to say that it is easier than producing a video. Even over an impromptu live video.  There’s always prep involved to create something cohesive on camera. I have to look decent, the lighting is hopefully flattering and my phone’s battery and wifi are good.  Not to mention, I still need to compile my thoughts before I hit the record button.  Ugh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Writing a post is the easy route for me but am I making it harder for my readers to consume?

Let’s face it, reading on the web is hard. It requires readers to think. Unlike a newspaper, the web is filled with inconsistent fonts, font sizes, and contrasting background colors and users connect to them using a variety of devices with various size screens, resolutions and connection speeds. In fact, consistency is one benefit to closed networks such as Facebook.

Ultimately, reading on the web requires focus and attention. Unlike newspapers, the majority of the story is not on one page. The reader has to take their mind off of what they’re consuming to scroll down within the first few hundred words. With the scroll comes the millisecond chance you might lose them.

Reading requires rapid eye moment followed by internal translation and overall comprehension. This process can be exhausting for some. Especially, if what they are reading is not easy to consume.

With video content, you don’t have all of the barriers of reading. That’s why for decades TV news trumped newspapers.  When a visitors begins watching a video, they lose themselves into your content. Much smaller scale but it’s almost like when you go to the movies and completely lose track of time and self.

With video, consumers are looking into your eyes and listening. Less eye movement, no scrolling required equalling easier to consume.

You might even keep their undivided attention until the end.

My inspiration for this post comes from the following interview.  Test it out for yourself, read the post then watch the video. Which one provides more value to you?

Facebook executive: Your News Feed will likely be “all video” in five years