I stumbled upon this great TED Talk from Simon Sinek from 2009 regarding How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

It’s my “Nugget of the Week” because Sinek has some very valid points.

Consumers don’t buy what you make; they buy into why you make it.

His example of Dell Computer’s failed attempt at making an MP3 player is spot on. Yes, Dell was qualified to make consumer electronics, but that’s NOT their company mission.  Or at least what we perceive their company mission to be. Apple was better positioned to take the market.

My takeaway: Create a company culture surrounding where you’re planning on going, center your message around why you’re doing it.

His final point, consumers want to believe in something with you.  It’s a humanistic trait, and others will also relate to your mission, your belief, rather than just your current offerings.

If you’re building an app or a website, early adopters believe you can provide them with something of value in the future.  So long as you’re able to convince them of your vision.

Sinek’s website: Starts with Why