Investing in domain names is sort of like collecting vintage cars.  Short domain names are the most desirable and a brandable 4-letter domain such as “” is the Rolls Royce of the domaining industry.  They’re easy to remember and short enough to type into a mobile phone’s web browser.  They also come with sort of a status symbol that is typically reserved for either fortune brands or someone who can simply afford that kind of domain.  Like vintage cars, they retain their value because they are simply that desirable.

Most domains can become increasing more valuable depending on the website or blog they represent. Back to the car example, the base model Honda Civic might start at $30K but with half-a-million dollars in aftermarket parts like a 2000’s era “Fast and Furious” model, the car is now worth more than what it started out as. The total value is maybe not more than the sum of the parts put into the car, but the overall street value has increased or at least maintained.

Less valuable domain names with more characters or not-com extensions might not cost $20,000 to purchase but if it ends up being the address of a million dollar e-commerce business, the total value has increased.

Select domain names carefully.

Your domain name is often the center of your online brand.  Short .com domains provide a level of familiarity and trust your users will expect.  Choose wisely and don’t simply expect your domain name to make or break your project but don’t ignore the importance of it either.