I want to create more than I consume, therefore I realized that some of the most wasted time of my day is during my daily commute. Consuming high-quality content like podcasts and ebooks on my commute is a good thing, but what if I could also create content while I sit in traffic? I’m going to give it a try.

Some say why, I say why not!

Since video is all the rage these days, why not use the quiet time in the car to cut some mind-provoking YouTube videos. 🙂

Here are my first 3 videos, shot on Lake Shore Drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It looks like I’m moving way faster than what I am, must be the video.

I realize it’s tricky to come up with anything remotely shareworthy while I’m behind the wheel but it’s a start. I’ve learned a ton already by digging deeper into the YouTube platform and by editing videos in Screenflow.

This little vlog is already a success in my opinion.

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