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An open letter to the WordPress Community

I reflect on 9+ years of using and teaching WordPress and share some of my personal thoughts on the upcoming Gutenberg editor and what will ultimately be the failure of WordPress if not addressed. Hint, it's not Gutenberg.

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See you at WordCamp Chicago!

I’m honored to be one of many distinguished speakers at WordCamp Chicago 2017! I’ve been trying to speak at WC Chicago since 2009, after I attended my first WordCamp.  I’ll be...

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Begin with blogging or social media?

  What should I start with, building a blog or growing my social media following? Content Academy’s Scott Winterroth answers this important question. Source: Begin with blogging or social...

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Can you sustain that blog idea?

There’s perception that blogging is a free and easy way to promote oneself. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Learn how to set yourself up for success. Source: Can you sustain that blog idea? |...

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Welcome to Content Academy

Eleven years ago, broadcast TV news was king, newspaper companies were trying to attract young readers by creating “fun” easy-to-read newspapers and the internet rage was this new thing called soci…...

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The year in rearview…

Found myself watching on YouTube an old Super 8 film of the Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan. Was fascinated to actually see and hear McLuhan speak as I had spent many hours studying and...

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