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#47 – Can you make money with your blog?

Blog You Want in the Time You Have Podcast by Scott Winterroth

Sources for great photography content

And how to use them on your blog properly. Just recently posted about stock photography sources, where to find a good stock and how to use it properly on both Content Academy’s blog and as a...

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Edison: The 10X Master

Ever since a child I’ve held an admiration for Thomas Alva Edison. I remember taking a trip with my parents to Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford Museum where they have some of his early...

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Independent Blogging

The Independence holiday is here in the USA and I’ve launched an online challenge to help build your blogging independence.

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WordPress Gutenberg Demo Tutorial

The WordPress Gutenberg project will change the way we interact with the WordPress post and page editor. In this tutorial video that I created for Content Academy, I share some logic behind the editor project and a live demo of the current beta version.

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Where to start… Getting into content..

Before you start blogging or write one post. What should you do to prepare yourself for a content marketing campaign? Watch this video to find out my three core tips and head on over to to learn more!

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