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Wonder what’s around the bend…

Charles Kuralt Scott Winterroth It’s the Fourth of July and I’m gazing at the rolling hills of mid-Ohio for a bit of R&R with my beautiful wife and her parents.  Every summer, we...

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Commute Tutorials Vlog: EP 1,2 and 3

I want to create more than I consume, therefore I realized that some of the most wasted time of my day is during my daily commute. Consuming high-quality content like podcasts and ebooks on my...

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Sources for great photography content

And how to use them on your blog properly. Just recently posted about stock photography sources, where to find a good stock and how to use it properly on both Content Academy’s blog and as a...

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Edison: The 10X Master

Ever since a child I’ve held an admiration for Thomas Alva Edison. I remember taking a trip with my parents to Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford Museum where they have some of his early...

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