I truly admire perfectionists. They spend the time to sculpt every little detail to make a masterful work of art.

I’m not a perfectionist, even though it’s in my genes.

My father, according to people who worked with him, was considered a “perfectionist” carpenter.  He never cut corners and was always did things the right way. Probably why he was tasked with some really high-end jobs during his career.

I avoid asking for feedback from perfectionists.

In the world of lean startups, there’s the idea of MVP or minimum viable product.  The concept of getting a product out to the public for feedback, even before it might be “ready”.  Read the Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

When getting feedback on ideas and concepts, I avoid asking perfectionists because they’re likely going to come back and say.  It’s look horrible… or It could be better… or they look at me crazy…

I always want to reply with. Yes, I know it sucks but I’m trying to figure out if I can make money with this…

Master of craft = great employee.  Master of MVP = success?

The thing that I’ve realized, most who are masterful in craft are maybe not uber successful in business.

Those who can navigate and master the MVP lean startup model tend to become uber successful.

My goal, is to find a balance between MVP and perfection.   If I had the answer, I would probably be a wealthy man.