Wow, it’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve launched a book! Looking back, the last 10+ years were an incredible journey for me. From the early days of my PR career to finding WordPress and the ups and downs of my blog, Country Music Chicago. I felt that story, along with the tips and strategies I picked up along the way, were worth putting them into print.

The Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content Creators is a summary of my last 10+ years at it. Learning, testing, and playing on the interwebs and on new advertising platforms. I’ve learned that creating content is not an easy proposition and it’s getting even harder by the day. In order to achieve success and stand out, one must work towards building a sustainable ecosystem around a product.

This concept is what I’m bringing to this world. The DAC Model, which is a new way to bring clarity to your marketing efforts. Creating content and working prospects are never a one and done situations and this infinite loop funnel creates a new way to look at the total customer journey.

I’m pleased to say, in grand form, the book is available now, in both eBook and Paperback format on and by request from most of booksellers. I would appreciate any feedback and thank you for your support!

What’s next on my journey?

Learning how the heck to record an audiobook and narrate my book! Be sure to check out my podcast for more tidbits and previews coming soon.