Since becoming vaccinated, I’ve taken up indoor walking at the Weber Center in Skokie to keep my legs moving and my heart pumping. Pretty easy to be sedentary when you work all day and all night on the computer.  A friend of mine urged me to start walking with him and I appreciate that as it was a good jumpstart and accountability.  

The indoor track at the Weber is it surrounds the basketball courts on the lower level. On the weekends, young men of all types and ages are typically working on their b-ball shooting game.  Some are pretty good, others need a bit more practice.  Kudos to them for getting up and investing in their game.

Today, there was a young lady that was shooting hoops with what looked like an older mentor or coach. Wow, she was amazing.  Although, she looked rather average – maybe not what you would expect in future star baseball player – in ability she was quite extraordinary.  

Amazing, I think she sunk every shot she took. A few from  about halfway on the court and with a bunch of little tykes playing around her.  I’m no pro but I’m guessing she will have quite a career in basketball should she desire.   

Practice makes perfect but pros have coaches

What is clear to me, her ability was probably due to the help of a coach.  Unlike the young gents that shoot on Saturdays.  They all have a lot of potential, being young and athletic but they should seek a coach.  One that can give them feedback on why it’s not working and how to correct it.   

A coach may seem like a monumental investment but in reality, it’s likely the key to your success long-term. Plus, there’s plenty of ways to gather feedback for free. All you have to do is simply ask.