Yes, the title is true! I’ve gone mad and I’m offering FREE live online WordPress help and training to anyone who is in need during the 2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus Stay-at-home order (and maybe beyond if needed).

  • Get your Website Fixed
  • Learn some new digital marketing and optimization tricks
  • Open up new sources of ideas
  • Unleash your website’s blog
  • Get it done!

Ok, so here’s the catch. I will provide you with a free 30-minute online training IF you agree to the following. You will meet with me online over a Zoom meeting. You are willing to sign a release to let me use your website, your questions, and your likeness on my social media channels, websites, and other marketing materials. You have a need or problem that is something conducive to online training and/or something I haven’t covered before.

Interested in my offer? Apply here by dropping me a note.

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