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Scott Winterroth

Simply update with your information and build upon my foundation! 

Crafting a rock-solid plugin is hard enough. Then you need to write a compelling description and useful documentation before you can submit it to a repository.  Not only that, then you need to market your plugin or startup to the World!

Here’s a story I would like to share with you.  Last November, I launched my latest plugin called Gravity Forms Simple Drip. In a nutshell, it adds auto-responder functionally to the native Gravity Forms notifications system.  It works awesome but that’s not the reason why I brought it up.

Since I launched my plugin near the end of November 2013, it’s generated more than $1,500 in sales – and climbing! It might not be a ton but it’s money in the bank.

Now, I’m not selling any type of “get rich quick” crazy because there’s nothing rich or quick about this process. Rather, I’m in it to help you for the long haul by sharing with you how you can effectively acquire more to your user base to grow your projects and your business over time.

As for my plugin, I attribute this success to not only a great idea but also to the copy and simple marketing I’ve put into helping users literally visualize how my plugin works before they even purchase it.

My Plugin Description Template will help you write more effective copy to generate more conversion.  

Effective copy helps prospective users literally visualize themselves using your plugin or theme.

In such a crowded marketplace, it not enough to simply tell prospective users what your plugin does.  Compel them by “showing” them both visually and mentally how it better their website, day or life!  A user is 1000 times more likely to install and use your plugin if it brings something useful to them.  But they first need to understand what that usefulness is.   Your plugin description is one of the most critical aspects of your marketing plan so don’t slack on this part, it will only cost you in the long run. (Time, Money, Fame, etc.)

Now, think about your plugin, how can you craft compelling copy to help sell the idea.

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