The beginning of the year is often a time when we set goals for the coming months ahead. In order to keep those ambitious resolutions on track, it’s a good idea to plot individual tasks required to achieve a goal.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and developers alike all have plenty of tasks looming in their respective to-do list just waiting to be checked off. Finding a good to-do app can be a project in itself. It seems that for every task that you might have, there’s an equal amount of todo and project management tools to help you clear your deck.

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to relaunch my popular New & Notable WordPress plugins roundup. While searching the WordPress repository for some new plugins, I found a nifty new todo list for WordPress that couldn’t resist sharing as it might be a great new way to potentially help keep your New Year goals on track.

Simple Tasks & Todo’s WordPress Plugin

Simple Tasks & Todo’s is a handy task manager built into your existing WordPress website.

The task lists are only displayed to logged in users and when the mouse cursor hovers over the “Task list” icon at the bottom right of your screen. Admins can easily create and manage task lists and the tasks inside directly from the WP Dashboard, something that I frequent pretty much every day.  Best of all, once a task is completed it is relocated to the “Completed tasks” list.

The plugin developer is hinting on a pro version that would include assigning tasks to users, among some other features, which could be really helpful for small teams who are looking for a simple project management solution.

I’m excited to see this plugin progress since I have many WordPress sites that I manage but would like to keep specific per-site tasks lists.  I also really like the fact that you can assign multiple lists per site, this is something unique to this plugin vs. the other WordPress task plugins currently available.

Here’s your todo:  Install this plugin!

Plugin Download:  Simple Tasks & Todo’s