I had the honor to speak with 8 very distinguished communication professionals at the IABC Chicago Rapido: Communication Game Changers event held at the AKA Media Inc offices.  Thank you Jim O’Reilly!

The format was amazing, 9 presenters and they all had 5 minutes to share their idea in a “rapid fire” format. Really great way to mind share and, like someone said, if you’re not that interested in one presentation a whole new presenter will start in less than for minutes.

I presented Content Marketing is a Powerful Tool.  Basically, the idea that online apps and tools can be a great way to acquire a following and use this following to communicate your message to your users.

Here is my presentation outline:

Content Marketing is a powerful tool. You know the process, enter email get = content. As marketers, this enables us to acquire an email address in exchange for something of perceived value.

This process is identified as a way to build community, authority online. You’ve probably deployed, or enjoyed, campaigns like this yourself. My conundrum is…
What happens when that thing of value is no longer … well … valuable?  Does an ebook/whitepaper really solve a problem for your customer?

And at what point does it become fake?

Growing your authority is hard with just a blog or social media. Takes a lot of time. Believe me, I know this.  Also, online marketing is more powerful with advocates/users vs. “followers”. In order to successfully market in the future, you will need to say in front of the curve.

Now, what if I told you I have a new online tool that will help you do this exactly the correct way and if you give me your email address you can access it for free

Exactly – my – point.

Online tools and services are powerful ways to market online and acquire email addresses. Think of ways your business or clients can create useful resources to contribute to the internet of things.  Can be something very small, some very small things are actually very useful. When someone downloads your ebook is it ideal if they don’t actually read it?

(Who has the time)

Messaging is great, but it only works if they consume the medium.

Ebooks and blogs are typically only time-consuming; Apps can provide users with time-saving tools.

Apps can provide messaging over a series of transactional interactions and drip your messages over a period of time vs. a book.  Not complete writing off blogs, content attracts visitor that then convert into app users.

Think about if your brand provided a tool that helps someone save money.  Wouldn’t that make a stronger and lasting impression vs. a ebook that tells them how to save money?

Time to start identifying potential products, tools and resources to use as your content marketing carrot. That napkin idea of an app you had, might actually be your next best marketing tool.

Thank you!