Continuing on with my unintended Shark Tank theme and since I just finished Mark Cuban’s book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, I’m feeling a bit inspired.

Mr. Cuban emphases about how winning required a lot of reading and consuming information. Books, magazines, blogs, software manuals, etc. and the willingness to learn was one part to his success.

He explained, and I’m mega paraphrasing:

Before he made his millions, Cuban thought if one idea leads to a success the book it would pay for itself and all you need is one success to make it … Everyone has the chance to read the same information, but they don’t. They just don’t.  And that is one huge advantage for those who do. Take that knowledge, information to presentations, networking, industry events etc.

Most importantly, much like many great innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs of the past and present, you can only succeed by doing. Get out there, make some mistakes and learn from everything you do.

Really, if you think about it.  I wouldn’t have even known about Cuban’s mistakes as an entrepreneur and human if he hadn’t written a book.  I did know he was successful before I picked up the book.