Whether you’re lauching an awesome WordPress plugin, mobile app or maybe a whole online service, creating documentation and online support is a must. Products that create a welcoming environment for new users will win with what can become better overall user experience, faster adoption of products and a framework to encourage referrals.

Technical documentation is nothing new, we’ve been creating (and reading) it pretty much all of our lives. Today, there’s a new dynamic in town when it comes to creating online support materials and it is not just for tech startups and plugins.

How do you create awesome how-to product videos?

The team over at Wistia, an online video hosting company, always produces spot-on, high-quality video content for their own product. Which is expected since they’re in the video marketing industry… Either way, they provide a pretty slick platform for in-video analytics and a really great online learning center.  Which is full of great lunch time video content to help startups and developers of online apps learn how to create great videos.

This video, in particular, is a really great primer for creating awesome user support videos. Thought I would share!

Here’s a quick 10-second overview:

  • Build the right combo of live action, screeners and other footage.
  • Script and practice, practice, practice
  • Be human and talk at a normal speed. (I hate when voice overs artists talk way too slow.)

Now here you go, watch the clip: