Data visualization has become the norm when it comes to creating great content for the web and telling a story. In the past, the standard for creating infographics were with programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator with an end result of posting a giant jpeg image file onto your blog. While this proved to work at the time, it was maybe not ideal because:

  1. It’s just a very large image. (Web geeks understand)
  2. Data was static so there’s not really an opportunity for real-time updates
  3. The market is pretty saturated when it comes to new ideas
  4. Maybe not so mobile friendly

Either way, there is always an opportunity to try something different and possibly make it better. One Chicago-based startup is doing so with the introduction of Infoactive, an intuitive new real-time infographics creation program.

Responsive Infographics for the modern web.

With this new online service, users can create mobile-friendly, dynamic infographics utilizing real-time data all with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that publishes with modern web standards. (Responsive Infographics, Mobile Friendly, Embed-able)

After more than surpassing their funding goal on Kickstarter, Infoactive is now in private beta for their initial pledge backers. I’ve personally dabbled a bit with the program and think it’s quite awesome. (Just wish I had some cool data to visualize!)

Infoactive is a product that all content creators and startups should keep an eye on in 2014 as this will, in my mind, change the way we create infographics and visualize data on the web.

A sample infographic from the private beta: