Once every couple weeks, I put on a hard hat, work boots, and an orange safety vest and grab my camera to take photos of the construction job site of the forthcoming McCormick Place Event Center and new hotel.  A rather fun diversion from my daily norm of computing at my desk. I spend an hour out in the mud, extremely close to the heavy machinery tearing up the earth and the iron workers welding prepping the site.

As I put on my hard hat, I can’t help but think how Dad would be proud.  Given that he wore similar work boots, hard hats and the like during his many years as a union carpenter.  As I stood on the job site, I realized that he help rebuild another iconic sporting venue a few blocks away. You might be familiar with it, Solider Field. He finished “meaning carpentry” a lot of the private suites and during the 2000’s remodel when the spaceship landed.

Today would have been his 70th birthday, and I know that he is watching over me proud and rooting.   Love you Dad!