Happened to stumble upon a couple of interviews with Robert Herjavec. You make know of him from the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank, but long story short he is an immigrant rags-to-riches success story and the founder of a Canadian tech company.

Within his 10-rules to success video, Herjavec outlines the following:

  1. Be Great at One Thing
  2. Never Complain
  3. Just Keep Going
  4. Create value for customers
  5. Become the person everyone wants to know
  6. Listen to yourself
  7. Leave emotions out of it
  8. Be able to adapt
  9. Find what makes you tick
  10. You are in control of the everything

Be great at one thing is something that I’m trying to figure out every day.

So much so that I even make it my New Year’s resolution and plopped it on my desktop to remind myself.  More on this in a future post.

This is my desktop inspiration: Do One Thing Well. #inspirationalquotes #productivity

A photo posted by Scott Winterroth (@swinterroth) on Jul 14, 2016 at 12:12pm PDT

The one that really stuck with me was, Become the Person that Everyone Wants to Know.

For Herjavec, it wasn’t about who you know but rather attracting others, hopefully the right kinds of people, to you.

This is true in real life but also the web has made practically limitless possibilities for forging an audience and attracting others to you. Much like his 4th point, attracting others is easier when you can provide them value. If you provide others with great value, via instruction, feedback, insight, then they will then appreciate you.

This other video, Herjavec answers an entrepreneur’s question about building an online presence.  He made valid points, almost anyone can become an internet sensation as the playing field has become equal. The problem is, the playing field is now equal. 🙂  You have to really work for it. (Right about 4:18 into the video)  Just give it a watch.